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Behind the Scenes of Writing a Sex Scene

While writing Shadows of Deception, one of the biggest obstacles I encountered was writing about sex. Love; I can write about love. Violence and suspense; I can do that too. Sex; that was a bit trickier for me! I’ve written my share of short stories and poems, but I’ve never actually described a sexual scene in any of my previous writing. Since my book is a romantic thriller, it was clear from the start that I would eventually have to write about sex, descriptively, and surely my mother would read it. How awkward? And so, the time came when things started to heat up between two characters, who were clearly past the holding hands phase of their relationship.


My goal was to avoid an incredibly raunchy sex scene. I wanted to describe my sex scenes in a sensual way;  a way that would arouse the senses without being overly explicit. That was also hard, because every reader (and writer) has a different idea of what is too sexually explicit. With that in mind, I imagined a ridiculing prude and a sex crazed maniac, and I wrote somewhere in between, hoping that I had pleased them both. I had to write, rewrite, edit, and then edit again before I felt satisfied that my readers (and my characters) would also be satisfied. Now that I have tackled this personal writing obstacle, sex will be much easier to write about in my next book. As always, comments are welcomed!

A steamy excerpt from Shadows of Deception: 

Making love to her was not something he wanted to rush through. Despite his intense lust for her, Cole was in love with Annabelle. He spun her around, pressing her stomach against the island in the middle of his kitchen. Cole brushed her long hair aside, revealing her smooth, slender neck and kissed her there softly, over and over, until Annabelle thought she could no longer wait to have him. Cole raised her arms in the air and removed her silk blouse with confidence. Taking his time, he kissed his way down her back; teasing her from the nape of her neck to her firm, round behind. He could see the reflection of her face looking back at him in the bay window of his kitchen. Annabelle tilted her head back with pleasure, revealing the look of complete ecstasy in her eyes. He grinned at his accomplishment and continued to taunt her with his full, soft lips.

Aching to feel his mouth against hers again, Annabelle spun around to face Cole. She jumped up onto the island and pulled him in by his waist, settling him firmly in between her long, tan thighs. Their eyes locked for a moment, fueled by an unruly passion, as they embarked on the most alluring and taunting exchange of kissing and touching that either of them had ever experienced. Annabelle threw her head back and moaned softly as Cole’s mouth surrounded the nipple of her breast, and he unbuttoned her pants. The intensity of her desire for Cole transcended all others, and as she felt her jeans hit the floor, she tugged at the button of Cole’s pants and tore open his button down shirt. Annabelle swallowed the muscular, god-like sight of his body, until she could no longer stand the space between them.

Cole picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, as he thrust her body against a nearby wall. Together, their hips moved in a slow, circular motion, and as Cole stared into Annabelle’s soul, she began kissing him with such force, that she nearly brought him to his tipping point. He pulled away, lowering her feet to the floor, and led her to the master bedroom. They made love several times throughout the night, and when the sun rose the next morning, it filled the house with a brilliant glow. Annabelle had a renewed sense of hope, and she felt like herself again: Powerful, vibrant, and sexy. As she watched Cole sleep, she knew that her future was right there by his side.

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Readers and Writers Unite; The Indie Author Experience!!

I’m so excited that I finally published my first e-book to amazon kindle! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I can’t express enough how truly amazing the Indie Author experience has been for me. I think the fact that writers, who otherwise would have been pushed aside or overlooked by traditional publishers, have been given a platform in which they can share their unique writing talents and stories is an incredible opportunity. I love that writers can make the first several chapters available for readers to decide whether or not they like the quality and writing style of individual authors. As a reader, I love having this option afforded to me, before I purchase a book. I admit, I had no idea that promoting my own book would be so challenging, but I love a good challenge. I’m new to the twitter community and many of the Facebook groups that I’ve recently joined, but I’ve met some amazing writers and supportive readers along the way. As busy as I am with my own personal and professional life, I find myself wanting to one-click, like, comment, re-tweet, and leave reviews for fellow authors. We have all been blessed with an amazing gift, and it is so nice to finally feel like I’ve found a place where I belong. I feel absolutely at home in the Indie Author community.

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