Irresistible Kindle Countdown Deal: Shadows of Deception Only .99c! Limited Time!

Don’t Miss Out on this Irresistible Kindle Countdown Deal for Shadows of Deception:

  • Highly Rated Romantic Thriller Novel
  • On Sale from May 15th to May 22nd
  • Starting Price is Only .99c.
  • Free w/ Kindle Unlimited
  • Read 3 Chapters Free

Highlights from reviews on Amazon & Goodreads:

  • Fast Paced
  • Well Written
  • Exciting Plot
  • Relentless Villain
  • Hot Hero
  • Strong Heroine


Book Detail: 

What would you do if you found out that your entire marriage was based on a lie, and your seemingly perfect husband was actually a money hungry psychopath with a dark and twisted past? One phone call from her husband’s mistress was all it took to unravel Annabelle’s otherwise perfect life, sending her on a dangerous journey of fear, paranoia, and unshakable nightmares. After a yearlong divorce process with the man she once knew as a handsome, charming, American hero, Annabelle learns that Evan Montague has been stalking her for months, and he is not at all the man that he claimed to be when they first met. In order to protect herself from his violent threats, including his attempt to extort all of her money, Annabelle is forced to leave her charming Virginia estate.

She travels to the Outer Banks of North Carolina; the last place her ex-husband would think to look for her. Although she has not spoken to her childhood sweetheart in years, she turns to Cole Cross for help. Cole owns an oceanfront beach house and several rental properties on the Outer Banks, and he is generous enough to provide Annabelle with a cottage to serve as her temporary refuge. Once Annabelle reunites with Cole, nothing can extinguish the fiery passion that they harbor for one another; not even the malevolent stalker that waits in the shadows.

As two detectives work tirelessly to put Evan in prison, Annabelle fears that her ex-husband may find her before the police are able to apprehend him. The last time they spoke, Evan vowed to kill her if she didn’t pay up, and there wasn’t a chance that Annabelle would even consider meeting his demands. When a flicker of light from a beach bonfire reveals Evan’s face from the nearby shadows, Annabelle fears that he has somehow found her; or could it have been her overly anxious imagination?

Paperback & eBook Versions Available Now:


About coreycarter

Corey Carter graduated from East Carolina University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After years of keeping the majority of her short stories and poetry private, she decided that it was time to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Her first romantic thriller novel, Shadows of Deception, was published in December 2014. When Corey isn't writing, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends by the bonfire or out on the beach. She is a proud wife and mother to a very spirited toddler, residing in Eastern North Carolina. View all posts by coreycarter

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