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L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise … L.O.L. Big Sister, Little Sister, and Fizz Balls. Where to buy them today for Christmas!

If you have a little one who discovered these entertaining L.O.L. Dolls and then became extraordinarily obsessed with them (and their infinite accessories), you are probably stalking the most popular sites like the rest of us. Let’s admit the obvious: They are adorable, entertaining, and bring a smile to our child’s face. It’s a role play extravaganza around here for children ages 4-8. SOLD!


Splash Queen & friends!

What’s the problem, you ask? Well, you already know. The company is creating a frenzy. Children are demanding their beloved L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, and parents can’t seem to find them. Not at a reasonable price at least, according to some parents who have already invested in the L.O.L. Surprise! BIG SURPRISE. Mixed reviews claim only two big sisters and two little sisters are accompanied by a generous variety of accessories and fizz balls. However, other reviews come to the defense of the Big Surprise ball, stating that all the fun is in the anticipation of opening the ton of surprises offered in the ball.

In our case, we need three L.O.L. big sisters, which have been unavailable for months. (I can’t even believe I’m an adult and having this discussion with you. Ahhhhhhh!) The kid though! Anyway, I don’t need 10 hamburger keychains or other random things you find in the fizz balls. Parents are in Facebook groups swapping these dolls, and price gouging the hell out of desperate parents. (I’m not that aggressive in acquiring these dolls. Go ahead with your bad ass if you are an avid collector.)

The Problem with Finding LOL Dolls?

The prices are WILDLY different with each sales giant and availability is not reliable:



Walmart: We found the BIG SURPRISE on a Sunday at $58.88, shown here at $68.88 and SOLD OUT. Our daughter was with us and freaked out. I returned a few days later, finally alone, to buy her Christmas surprise: GONE! However, they will have the big sisters in a few days. At first their site said November 13th but now that has changed to the 14th. Shocking!



ToysRus: SOLD OUT! Best online sale yet at $59.99, and it was gone as quickly as it IMG_6729was released. Let’s just keep building the suspense, right?







Amazon: Didn’t get them in time? Be ready to pay up, parents. My Mac showed only one L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise left in stock. The price just keeps increasing, and Amazon seems to at least have them available online. Supply and demand baby!








Due to our own supply and demand, we did not buy the L.O.L. Big Surprise for two reasons. When I initially tried to purchase the giant LOL gold ball, it was no longer available, just a few days after its release. Pretty mad! I had some time to research and found out that it wasn’t a good fit for my kiddo, who specifically wants the LOL Big Sisters. The bigs and littles are a 100% hit on our block!

*Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate. To date, this is the only place I can find to order this particular product online. Others are pick up in store only, which may change. I was very upset that I could not make my intended purchase after returning to Walmart.  I love LOL Dolls almost as much as my little one loves them, and I’m not sorry.


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