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Wild Four Year Olds, Seashells, & Other Reasons I Took a Writing Break.

***To really put things into perspective before you read this post, I overcooked a whole chicken by 40 degrees while writing this. I forgot to set the timer because my child, who is taking her first nap in seven very busy days, distracted me when I popped the chicken in the oven. She cried hysterically because she wanted me to blow up her water wings, so she could fly like a bird on her way to nap time. When I told her no, she told me that I never let her pretend. Who am I to discourage imagination?***

This post was prompted after three people over the past month asked why I haven’t been


Add graphic design and advertising to the list of distractions.

writing, and a fellow author tweeted to me, asking why I stopped advertising my books. First of all, thanks to those people for noticing and caring. It’s easy to feel like a lost voice in the overcrowded land of online advertising, and after trying to self promote my novel and short stories for a few years, I just needed a little break from that very time consuming process. The tremendous network, support system, and friendships I created during that time have been my greatest reward.

Enter the four year olds and seashells. For those of you who do not know me well, I am a “stay at home mom”. (Whatever the hell that really means. My adventures rarely leave me at home.) I am also an independently published author and owner and designer of Ocean Inspired Design. My child has one more year of being “stuck at home” with me, and making memories with her is my number one priority before the slinging of books and seashells. I am in charge of finding other parents of four year olds, and charming them with my quick wit (awkward humor), all to ensure that they will want to play with us on a regular basis. My daughter actually collects friends at an alarming rate on her own these days, so we stay very social and always busy … and hot. Alone time is no longer part of my vocabulary.

seashellcrabWhile on one of our many beach adventures last fall, I collected a massive amount of seashells. One passerby looked at me like I was some insane shelling fanatic, which I now am, so I won’t judge him for his accurate observation. That seashell collection turned into crafting as a hobby. I showed my work to a few friends and received lots of positive feedback, so I opened up my own Etsy shop. A little bit of play money never hurts, right? Basically, I filled my free time with a new creative outlet during a discouraging writing period: Open laptop, stare blankly at screen, yell at screen, pour a glass of wine, stare at screen again, close laptop. I have never been one to force myself to write, so I took a break.

Now that I have created an arsenal of beautiful seashell wall art, wind chimes, and coastal wreaths, I plan on using my very little free time in the evenings to write a series of short stories over the summer. I also have a half written novel, coldly abandoned in Microsoft Word, which I may finish or save to a USB and watch as it melts in the fire pit. Who knows? Go ahead and add self doubt to my list of writing obstacles. As you can see, I have enough things going on to distract me from writing, but I have not given up or lost my passion. I’m just a busy woman, doing my best to make ends meet and raise a child who will hopefully become a wonderful benefit to society one day.

Thanks for reading and to those who support my work and continue to reach out to me! -Corey



Nasty Trolls: Now Bend Over While I Verbally Spank You!

Indie authors from indiebooksbeseenall over the world joined together yesterday to celebrate their pride and accomplishments. I had a blast, gave away almost 200 copies of my short story, Nobody’s Home, and enjoyed watching a diverse and talented group of writers celebrate one another. Despite all of the magical rainbows and fun, there always seems to be that one douche lord that wants to spoil a perfectly good time.

I put out a tweet, accompanied by my #IndieBooksBeSeen support picture, encouraging readers to buy an indie book. I stated that indie authors work hard, because we do; the majority of us at least. Enter douche lord! Douche lord decided to get his/her digital panties in a bunch over my tweet and stated something along the lines of, “Why should people support the work of amateurs?” Blah, blah, blah.


I blocked this person, and I didn’t respond. As I’ve stated before, I do not negotiate with terrorists, trolls, or toddlers. (Okay! Occasionally with toddlers.) I then made a follow up comment on my own tweet, explaining that all authors, both traditional and indie, work hard. However, yesterday was INDIE PRIDE DAY. Indie authors do work hard. It’s not a simple task to write, edit, design your own cover, conduct research about an ever-changing industry, and market your face off around the clock, while you wait months or years to get noticed. All the while, authors are leading a very public life, which opens us up to pointless attacks from people like the above mentioned douche lord.

After we’ve polished our books, and feel that we are providing readers with quality material to enjoy, authors rely heavily on reviews. If we get enough positive feedback from our amazing readers, people might begin to finally notice our work. No reader is forced to buy our books. They can read the reviews and sometimes the first 3 chapters, before making the decision to purchase. You can usually tell if an author has written an entire novel in one night and neglected to edit their work. Allowing readers to discover this for themselves seems like a reasonable deal to me.

Thank you for reading, and please keep up the hard work. While writing may or may not lead all authors to financial rewards, your work is still an amazing accomplishment. It is important to respect and consider constructive criticism, but do not let anyone discourage you; particularly the nasty trolls who will eventually cross back over their bridge of negativity, so they can wallow in their own misery.

Warm and fuzzy wishes to you all,

Corey Schultz Carter

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