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NC Infant Dies in Hot Car: Child Safety Tips from Experts are Shocking!

childsafetyOn May 25, 2016, an 8 month old boy was forgotten in his mother’s vehicle in Wilmington, NC as she worked through the day. The baby died, most likely of a heatstroke, although officials are still investigating. The temperature that day reached 86 degrees.

I sat at a table with a friend, and as she recanted this story to me, she had tears in her eyes; tears for the poor child and for the mom who made a fatal mistake. “Everyone says she was an amazing mom,” she explained.

The story haunted me for the remainder of the day, and after I put my own child to bed, I decided to look for an official report. What were the circumstances? Could this happen to any of us at any given moment? I wanted to understand.

The incident itself was just as shocking as these tips offered by experts:

  • Place your cell phone or purse in the back seat, so you don’t forget your child.
  • Every time you park your car, open the back door to ensure that everyone is out safely.
  • If weather permits, crack your windows each time you exit your vehicle.
  • Download applications such as Precious Cargo or Kars4KidsSafety for your cell phone, to remind yourself to take your child out of the backseat.

In reference to these handy applications, a statement from explains, “…they also reach us in a most reliable place — our cell phones — which most of us won’t even walk down the hall of our home without carrying.”


Place my cell phone in the back seat? Catch, Teddy! This thing is so important that when I scramble for it later, maybe I’ll see my child.

After further research, I was nauseated by these tips. Are we all so overworked, mind boggled, busy, and stressed out, that we need to walk around with a phone stuck up our asses to remind us to care for our children? If that’s the case, maybe the time has come to reconsider our priorities. Crack your windows? A person can remember to crack the windows, so their child doesn’t overheat when they leave him or her in the car, but they can’t remember the actual child?



Open the back door of the vehicle each time you park? Hell yeah! Your precious cell phone is back there somewhere with your kid!



The Point? Don’t leave your kids in the car. Not even for a few minutes. The inside of your vehicle gets much hotter than the temperature outside, and even if you do crack the windows, and it is just for a minute, you are still putting your child’s safety at risk. It doesn’t take long for a little one to suffer from a heatstroke. Read the statistics here. Please share them. If you are just so overwhelmed, by all means, I encourage you to download the apps mentioned above. An accident like this could happen to anyone. It’s hard for me to even type that sentence, but it’s true. 

Thank you for reading. If you see a child left behind in a hot vehicle, please contact the police immediately. 

Here’s a healthy way to keep your child cool during those hot summer days!





How to Trick your Toddler into Eating Fruits & Veggies Every Day!

imageWhen I received a Ninja blender for Christmas, I had no idea it would be the key to luring my toddler into eating a larger variety of fruits and vegetables … EVERY I DAY! After a rough winter of cold, after cold, after cold, I was frustrated and about to lose my mind. I became a local honey freekazoid, hoping to naturally boost my daughter’s immune system, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my picky eater to try the honey, or anything else healthy for that matter. That’s when I discovered the world of homemade smoothies.

I’ve been known to hit Tropical Smoothie several times a week in the summer, but that can get expensive. Making smoothies at home is more affordable, incredibly healthy, and the process allows your child to get in on the fun. My ninja came with a variety of smoothie recipes, but we discovered our favorites by experimenting on our own.

Each morning, I turn on our favorite music, place everything we need to make our smoothies on the counter, and I allow my 3 year old to help toss in the ingredients. (Carefully, of course.) This has become our morning ritual and something my daughter looks forward to every day; unless mommy is cooking bacon. We also love bacon!

Here’s our family favorite:

  • 2 tsp of Honey
  • 6 Baby Carrots
  • Handful of Kale or Spinach
  • 1 Banana
  • A small handful of Blueberries or Strawberries
  • 1 tsp of Flaxseed
  • 1 Single Serve Yogurt
  • 1 Cup of Orange Juice
  • Add Ice and Blend

I also found a book on Amazon with great reviews, and it includes pictures the kids will enjoy, for parents interested in getting more creative with smoothies:

Best 100 Smoothies for Kids by Deborah Harroun 

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